Leading With Integrity

Agility. Empathy. Resilience.

Leadership is displayed at all levels of an organization. No matter what your role, you have it in your power to arm yourself with key skills to propel your own development on a path that helps you grow into the leader you want to be.

Leading with Integrity is comprised of three sessions related to core behaviors successful individuals must possess: Building Resilience, Empathy in the Workplace, and Leadership Agility.

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Cost and Enrollment

  • $375 per person
  • Special discount available for organizations and LFGSM alumni Ask us how to bring this into your organization
  • Questions contact leadership@lfgsm.edu  or call 847-574-5177


Participants completing this program will receive a digital badge. Their professional development can be showcased on LinkedIn acknowledging their achievement.

Lead with Integrity by building resilience, being agile, and creating a workplace with empathy to drive results.

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Hourly Schedule

Session 1 - April 1, 2021

11AM - 12PM
Leadership <span class="redtext">Agility</span>
An agile leader is resourceful, flexible, and resilient in the face of business challenges. Above all, the agile leader is prepared to assess the changing external environment and adjust strategies and tactics as needed. After this session you will: <ul> <li>Explore common responses to change and how that influences change agility.</li> <li>Practice simple, improvisational skills to quickly adapt, be flexible, and take risks in order to improve your change agility.</li> <li>Create a change framework of action, motivation and environment needed to support change agility in others.</li> </ul>

Session 2 - April 8, 2021

11AM - 12PM
<span class="redtext">Empathy</span> in the Workplace
Workplaces that exhibit empathy tend to have increased morale and collaboration. Their employees recover from difficult moments more quickly with a greater sense of purpose. Many leaders struggle to make empathy part of their culture. This course will help you understand the importance of empathy. You will learn how empathy helps drive organizational health and business results. After this session you will: <ul> <li>Define empathy.</li> <li>Recognize your personal traits that support empathetic behavior.</li> <li>Build empathetic capabilities through a set of behavioral practices.</li> </ul>

Session 3 - April 15, 2021

11AM - 12PM
Building <span class="redtext">Resilience</span>
Leaders manage the interplay of changing business demands, information overload, and the need to stay connected without becoming overwhelmed. In this session, you will learn strategies to manage your productivity, and help effectively navigate shifting priorities. You will learn to challenge your own thinking, develop enhanced self-regulation to relieve stress, and move forward through the gray. After this session you will: <ul> <li>Recognize the factors that contribute to feeling overloaded and time-challenged.</li> <li>Apply strategies to manage your personal productivity.</li> <li>Challenge your thinking to relieve stress and keep moving forward.</li> </ul>


Apr 01 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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